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How 11 Wrkshop Is Challenging Traditional Garments



Improving Functionality For Better Optimization



Here at Groundead we strive to highlight brands that deserve more recognition than they are given. By doing so, it gives us an opportunity to use our platform to draw awareness to collectives that are producing incredible things, yet are faced with an overcrowded market.


Today, we introduce 11 Wrkshop, a design studio and brand that understands the importance of craftsmanship.


Vinyl Xtendo Tote

Price: $80 USD


Whether they are producing a graphic tee or a nylon anorak, this brand acknowledges the importance of ‘quality’ and implements it in everything they create. In fact, such characteristics are evident in the button up shirt shown below.



WSHOP Adjustable Oversized Button Up

Price: $80 USD


Featuring an over-sized, boxy silhouette, 11 Wrkshop uses Velcro straps to help wearers adjust the fit to their liking; allowing this garment to become not only versatile, but adaptable. Even with their t-shirts, this brand fuses high quality garments with elements of uniqueness. Take a look at their ‘Mach 5 Soul Eater Tee’.

Mach 5 Soul Eater Tee

Price: $30 USD


In addition to the large, Maka Albarn print, 11 Wrkshop’s use of metallic ink creates a holographic element that instantly grasps your attention.


In all, this brands ability to enrich a product is what landed them on our radar. From branding to customization, 11 Wrkshop guarantees items that are unlike anything you’ve seen before.



Bang Brehs Purple Tee

Price: $50 USD


To learn more about this brand, head to their page now!



Published: September 25th, 2019 | Dalton Oium






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