“2020 Vision”, A Glimpse Into The Future


“2020 Vision” is on the cusp of becoming one of streetwear’s most innovative brands.


Offering an entire range of handmade goods, the creatives at “2020” ensure product quality with everything they create. Have you seen how unique their collection is? Swipe through the photos above and take a look.


As you can tell, their products are unlike anything you’ve seen before. Whether they are working on a custom piece or an entire print run of shirts, “2020” guarantees items that are original and inherent to their brand. In terms of an product that caught our attention, the chest rig shown in the first photo above stood out the most.


For one, it highlights the future of streetwear. For as long as we can remember, streetwear existed as medium for individuals to express their emotions on fabric. However, with streetwear emerging into an entire industry, it has begun to infiltrate other markets as well; high fashion being one of them. That rig is the perfect example.


By using material from a high fashion brand, such as Goyard, and altering it into a chest rig, “2020” has found the perfect way to combine both forms of fashion. To top it off, the white straps are the perfect aesthetic as they brilliantly compliment the vibrant-orange canvas, allowing this product to stand in a league of its own.


In all, you won’t find anything like “2020 Vision”.


Their ingenious approach to building products is an aspect that can’t be mimicked.


To learn more about this brand, head to their page now!