“9th Life”, At The Forefront Of New Zealand Streetwear


Out of all of the reasons to visit New Zealand, who would’ve thought that streetwear would be one of them?


“9th Life” is a newly-formed brand from Napier that has a very LA-inspired vibe. Their products are timeless, housing a variety of original graphics with unique placements and color codes, ultimately allowing this brand to build collections that reflect their mindset. In terms of a specific item, we gravitated towards the longsleeve shown in the second photo above.


The reason we decided to focus on such product is because we believe it truly captures this brands ability to successfully implement graphics and text into a single item. One important thing to point out is their use of a large, colorful graphic. By placing such design on the front of the shirt, “9th Life” was able to quickly, and easily, capture viewer attention. Once drawing the viewer in, “9th Life” uses various texts placed throughout the shirt to guide the viewer and, thus, are ensuring their product is regarded in full.


It terms of their more casual items, we really like the products that house their “OG 9thLife” script (as shown in the first photo above). Us over at Groundead believe it is especially important that companies have a simple, basic typography-logo as it allows customers to easily recognize a brand’s product and, thus, creates more remembrance on behalf of the viewer.


Overall, this brand is representing New Zealand streetwear to the fullest! Their products are unique, eye-catching, bold, and extremely stylistic.


New Zealand just got a whole lot more beautiful.


Head to their page now and say whats up to our friends over at “9th Life”.