“Absent”, Exactly What Streetwear Been Missing



“Absent” is a brand that has been on our radar for a while now.


Their catalog consists of a range of apparel and accessories, all uniquely branded with interesting designs. If you haven’t heard of “Absent” before, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the photos above. As you can tell, this brand perfectly captures their vision regardless of their medium. The shirt shown in the first photo above is one of our favorites.


What recently dropped as part of their ‘Psycho Collection’, this all-over-print shirt is a perfect representation of this brand’s desire to differentiate themselves from others. Who else have you seen produce such large graphics using halftones? Our guess would be little to none, especially as an underground collective. Why not just print the graphic normally? Because the gradient-like effect that halftones produce allow for an immersive experience between the viewer and the graphics, ultimately allowing the designs to reach their full potential.


The last thing we would like to touch on is the size of the imagery. By printing images in a large, bold manner, the creatives at “Absent” were able to ensure that their product grasps, and holds, viewer interest. All in all, we couldn’t think of a better product to include in their ‘Psycho Collection’…which is now live.


In terms of their other products, they are just as complex and interesting as the one we just mentioned.


Did you see those sandals? Insane.


Us at “Groundead” can’t wait to see what this brand drops next.


To find out more about the “Absent” family, head to their page now.