The Coronavirus Made The World Go ABSENT

Free Products To Remind You Of The Importance Of Sanitation



With worldwide quarantines in full effect, ABSENT is here to remind you of the importance of prevention.


Through washing your hands, self-isolation, and avoiding contact with your face, the CDC and WHO believe that you can curb the spread of COVID-19.



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With designs that plead for Heaven to help us (showing Jesus crucified on a mask) and a sticker pack that provides instructions on how to properly clean your hands, ABSENT is using their platform to present the coronavirus in a way that speaks directly to the youth of today.


“This is our way of bringing awareness to the current issues going on with the world today; we are not profiting off this”


By offering products that remind us of such safe practices, ABSENT is doing their part in slowing the virus.


Items are priced at $0.00 and will likely sell out immediately.


Be safe and be quick!


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Published: March 20th, 2020 | Dalton Oium



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