“Absolute Issue” Is Ready To Take Over Jakarta Streetwear


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Today we take you all the way out to Indonesia in hopes of introducing the brand shown above.


Based out of Jakarta, “Absolute Issue” is a streetwear collective that has been making absolute waves. As you can tell, this brand excels at crafting clean, straight-forward graphics that can be worn by anyone.


By not boxing themselves in, and building graphics that are easily understood and interpreted, the creatives at “Absolute Issue” have been able to secure a worldwide fanbase. On top of that, such market has allowed this brand the opportunity to produce whatever they want, in whatever language they choose. Such freedom of creativity is seldom accomplished by underground brands.


In the photo above, you will see their ‘Paranoid’ quarter-zip; which is an absolute favorite of ours. What we enjoy most about this product is the message it portrays. With ‘Paranoid’ across the chest and the phrase ‘People Are Fucked’ printed along the sleeve, this brand is drawing awareness to the on-going, worldwide issue of mental health.


By portraying the issue with such approach, this brand is using fashion as a means to help target a larger, and broader, audience. Honestly, we couldn’t think of a doper way to spread awareness.


All in all, this little brand from Indonesia is changing the world.


Whether you live in that part of the globe or not, it shouldn’t stop you from respecting good product. Us at Groundead are here to provide every brand, regardless of location, a platform to voice with. Thank you all for your on-going support and encouragement.


The world would suck without us little, crazy people.


“Absolute Issue”, Indonesia should be honored to house such an amazing collective @absoluteissue