How “Absurd” Challenges Conventionality



First and foremost, we would like to congratulate “Absurd” on surpassing three years as a brand.


Since they started, they have been focused on crafting original products with timeless designs, and the results could not have been better. By staying true to themselves, this brand has been able to grow both personally, and professionally, ultimately helping their products improve along the way. Speaking of their products, take a look at some of the items we have featured above.


As you can tell, these items are unlike anything you’ve seen before. Whether it’s a graphic tee, or a cut & sewn Rugby polo, the creatives at “Absurd” guarantee a product that is extremely high in both quality and detail. In terms of a specific item, we are torn between the first two photos above.


In the first photo, this brand offers a beautifully crafted Rugby polo that has been cut & sewn from various fabrics. Not only is it a colorful and seamless design, it also highlights this brand’s ability to go beyond basic prints.


Yet, in the second photo, you see a heavy blended hoodie paired with a graphic that exudes defiance; one of the key characteristics which make us artists thrive. In our opinion, this hoodie perfectly captures the essence of streetwear.


This brands ability to use fabric as a way to challenge conventionality is what separates them from others.


“Absurd”, us at Groundead are extremely eager to see what you do next.


The future is yours.