ACTIVITY Springs Back With ‘RECOIL’


Returning for the first time since May, ACTIVITY pulls the trigger on a fully-crafted collection!

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By: Dalton Oium


If you’re wondering where ACTIVITY has been the past few months, they’ve been working on a massive 25+ piece collection that’s packed with some of their best items to date.


Titled ‘RECOIL’, the name of this collection not only signifies ACTIVITY’s return, but is also used to define the theme of this collection as a whole. With many products portraying weapon-related imagery, it’s clear that this collection is heavily influenced by the use of firearms.


In addition to their CROSSHAIR LOGO found on various sweat suites, rugs, and socks—items that encourage violence, such as their HOLLOWPOINTS BRAIN tee and TOE TAGGERS hoodie fill ACTIVITY’s collection with controversial, hard-hitting graphics that are unmatched by anyone else.


In all, this release includes a mix of hoodies, vests, t-shirts, hats, masks, rugs, and socks.


RECOIL by ACTIVITY will be available exclusively through 


WHEN: September 4th @ 3PM PST





Published: September 4th, 2020 | Dalton Oium


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