Kobe Bryant: The Importance Of A Free Throw


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Kobe Bryant was arguably the greatest basketball player ever.


Throughout his 20-year career in the NBA, Kobe became a household name; garnering a long list of achievements that range from being a 5-time NBA champion to an 18-year All-Star competitor.


Artwork: Markus Prime



While at the top of his game, Kobe not only understood the importance of winning, he understood the importance of consistency.


With 33,000+ points under his belt, it wasn’t his 3-point conversion rate (32%) that made him a threat; it was ability to score anywhere on the court, especially from the free throw line.



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Advisry’s latest tribute shows just how important the free throw line was to a man like Kobe Bryant.


Highlighting a list of his achievements, this capsule makes a unique correlation between Kobe’s free throws and his milestones.



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From his first highschool state championship to his final point scored in the NBA, fans watched in awe as Kobe arched his back from just above the paint.


Available in white, overdyed grey, and heather, ‘Greatness Happens With A Free Throw’ will be sold exclusively through Advisry’s website.



Compilation: Advisry



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Published: April 28th, 2020 | Dalton Oium



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