How Singapore’s Streetwear Stays One Step AHEAD Of The Rest



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How Singapore’s Streetwear Stays One Step AHEAD Of The Rest



Globally, streetwear has become one of the most innovative, inspiring forms of fashion.


With brands spanning from Los Angeles to Indonesia, us at GROUNDEAD have been able to develop a deep understanding of the worldwide market; allowing us to promote individuals from, virtually, anywhere.



Here to add to our list of up-and-coming brands is AHEAD CO, a collective based out of Singapore. In case this is your first time hearing about our friends from Singapore, swipe through the photos above to see some of our hand-picked favorites.


As you can tell, AHEAD focuses much of their products on taboo topics such as life, death, and individuality. In doing so this brand is able to explore their creativity in full, as much of their graphics are portrayed through multi-layered, complex images that challenge conventionality.



Additionally, it is important to note their use of color. By coding images using various hues, the creatives at AHEAD easily separate themselves from newcomers who tend to produce, solely, monochromatic prints.


In all, this brand has the potential to see longevity within the streetwear industry.



Their thought-provoking, insightful designs are simply one-of-kind.


To learn more about AHEAD CO, click on the links below!



Published: June 12th, 2019 | Dalton Oium






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