“Alien Body”, Where Pain Meets Passion



“Alien Body” is a clothing brand that has a catalog filled with unforgettable pieces.


Their large, complex graphics are emotionally-charged and exude an aesthetic similar to that of a horror film. Go see for yourself; swipe through the photos above to gain a better understanding of this brand as a whole.


As you can tell, “Alien Body” produces items that range from shirts to knives, all of which are branded with ‘grunge’ stylistics. It was extremely hard for us to choose a single product to expand upon, therefore, we will be discussing various aspects of this brand that we believe are key characteristics to their success.


For instance, over-branding. The creatives at “Alien Body” clearly understand how to capture viewer interest. With large, captivating graphics that portray disturbing imagery, this brand instantly draws you in.


On top of that, “Alien Body” color codes like a genius. Through non-traditional hues and other variants, this brand ensures that their products are inherent to them, and thus, cannot be easily replicated.


All in all, this brand’s originality and ingenuity has allowed them to be at the forefront of underground streetwear. Honestly, it’s brands like this that keep us motivated in our search for emerging acts.


Here’s your chance to get lost in their feed and uncover a bunch of other products; you will not be disappointed.