Skateboard Collective, “Alltimers”, Creates Timeless Branding



2018 has been a huge year for streetwear. Since starting this page we’ve seen some of the best content and collaborations appear. Here to add to that list is “Alltimers”, a skateboarding collective that is at the forefront of design and innovation.


Having recently landed a collaboration with “Adidas Skatebording”, a look back at their collection is sure evidence as to how they secured such partnership. Take a look at the photos above and allow us to explain.


As obviously shown, this collective understands the importance of ‘branding’. Although they offer many products with their OG ‘Martini’ logo, it is important to note that they also carry variations of such graphic including their ‘Splits’ tee and their ‘Flower’ hoodie.


By changing the logo, even slightly, “Alltimers”, ultimately, gives individuals more opportunities to purchase from, and support, their brand. On top of branching their logo, “Alltimers” also crafts products with their customers in mind.


Being a skateboarding collective themselves, this brand strives to impact the sport and, thus, produces their very own skateboards. The decks they make are not only superior in function, but aesthetic as well. Take a look at the last photo above and then try to tell us you’ve seen a better looking board… we’ll wait.


This brand clearly knows what they are doing and their products speak for themselves. By staying true to the brand, the creatives at “Alltimers” have had a phenomenal year.


Here’s to 2019