“Ambush” Ends 2018 Strong With Nike Collaboration


If you haven’t heard of “Ambush” by now, you should probably stay up-to-date with current fashion.


“Ambush” has had a fantastic year! Securing collaborations all the way from Amazon to Nike, this brand has catapulted themselves to the forefront of innovation.


Based in Tokyo, “Ambush” is a ‘workshop’ brand that centers themselves around the idea of breaking fashion norms. Take a look at the photos above and see for yourself. As evidently displayed, “Ambush” takes chances with every opportunity they get. A great example of such is their ‘Multicord Hoodie’ shown in the second photo above.


The multi-cords not only make the item appear more unique, they also serve a function as well. By utilizing a variety of different colors, “Ambush” quickly, and easily, added undertones to the garment. Doing so, ultimately, allows the item to appear more aesthetically to viewers. On top of that, having 10+ cords allows this brand to create ‘movement’. By adding movement to an otherwise inanimate object (apparel), “Ambush” is able to securely grasp, and hold, viewer attention. Such causation is important as gaining attention is the first stage of making an impression.


We could talk all day about this brand’s contribution to streetwear and fashion as a whole. Their apparel is non-conventional and they continuously shatter traditional stylistics. “Ambush” is set to have an insane year in 2019. Us at Groundead can’t wait to see them change the world.


“Ambush”, thank you for inspiring others.