“AN-APPENDAGE” Explores Cut & Sew With Newest Collection

Photo Nov 20, 10 01 53 PM
Photo Nov 20, 10 01 59 PM
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One of the many things that draws people to streetwear is the art of customization. The cool thing about streetwear is the fact that there are no rules; it gives creatives the opportunity to produce their wildest ideas. A brand that takes full advantage of these benefits is “AN-APPENDAGE”.


“AN-APPENDAGE” is a Poland-based streetwear collective that centers their brand around the world of cut & sew. Cut & Sew is a fascinating way to combine various garments in hopes of creating a whole new product. Want to see some examples?

As you can see, “AN-APPENDAGE” combines various products and fabrics to create new, entirely different items. Our personal favorite is shown in the photo at the top.


he reason we gravitated towards this product is because it presents the most complex customization we’ve seen from this brand. As shown above, “AN-APPENDAGE” beautifully combined five different fabrics, and even included a clean embroidery, to finish off this piece. Doing so requires a huge amount of patience and a high attention to detail; both of which this brand takes very seriously.


All in all, us at Groundead really enjoy the art of cut & sew. It gives individuals the opportunity to wear one-of-a-kind items that are both unique and personal. “AN-APPENDAGE”, thank you for stepping outside of the typical streetwear approach and expressing your creativity through fabric combination.

We can’t wait to see what crazy idea you come up with next @anappendage