“Andrew”, Representing The Heart Of Miami


“Miami is one of the great cultural melting pots in the world.” – David Caruso




“Andrew”, Representing The Heart Of Downtown Miami



If your name is Andrew, you’re welcome, we’ve just uncovered your entire, future wardrobe.


“Andrew” is a brand that is based out of Florida, using their city’s diverse population as a source of inspiration to draw from. In fact, their colorful, unique approach to fashion is a direct representation of the culture within The Sunshine State.


Flip through the photos above to see some of what this brand has created in the past.


As you can tell, the creatives at “Andrew” find power in branding garments with unconventional graphics. What other brand have you seen print a TV/VCR, Airplane, or Tennis Court on a shirt? Our guess would be ‘little to none’.


By printing images that are not typically represented in fashion, “Andrew” quickly, and easily, separates themselves from other brands. Plus, on top of that, they reach a wider audience and, ultimately, gain more supporters by doing so.


On top of their extremely impressive clothing, “Andrew” also produces some of the best skateboards we’ve seen on the market.


See photo (5) for “Andrew” Skateboards


Honestly, we’re surprised we haven’t heard about them sooner.


Next time we’re in Florida, we’re definitely heading downtown and paying “Andrew” a well deserved visit.


To find out more about this brand and see what else they’ve been working on, head to their page now!


Published: April 16th, 2019 | Dalton Oium







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