“ASSID”, Not ‘Acid’, But Close



London’s Playground Of Streetwear



“ASSID”, Not ‘Acid’, But Close



For Tuesday, May 7th, we take you all the way out to London to introduce the brand shown above, “ASSID”.


The first thing that stood out to us is their fun, playful approach to building, and branding, garments. With brands constantly trying to capture the grittiness of street culture, it’s refreshing to see a brand create colorful, lively products that grasp attention.


To see some of what we’re referring to, swipe through the photos above.


In terms of a product that stood out the most to us, their ‘Modern Atmosphere’ crew neck shown in the first photo above made a big impression.


For one, the colors are insane. Being able to produce such a complex graphic with a wide variety of hues, proves that this brand can tackle any idea thrown their way. On top of their color-coding, the smeared lipstick on the individual’s face is an aesthetic that should not be overlooked.


Since smeared lipstick is uncommon in our society, viewers are inherently drawn to that aspect of the design, ultimately allowing them to regard the graphic in full; from top to bottom. Without such focal point to guide their viewership, individuals may overlook the text and remaining, lower portion of the graphic without even realizing they did so.


It’s the little things that make this brand stand out.


In all, you won’t find anything like an “ASSID” product. Looking to differentiate your wardrobe?


Head to their page now and find out how to get your hands on their latest release.



Published: May 7th, 2019 | Dalton Oium





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