ATTEMPT & The Exploration For Possibility



An Independent Brand With Elements Of Art



ATTEMPT & The Exploration For Possibility



ATTEMPT is a brand that is committed to pushing fashion forward.



Founded in 2015 by Liang Dong, this brand blends high quality garments with unique design; highlighting the relationship between shape and aesthetic in ways that have yet to be explored. In fact, such uniqueness is what first landed this brand on our radar.


In case this is your first time hearing about this China-based collective, swipe through the photos we’ve featured above to gain a better understanding of their approach.



As you can tell, their products are unlike any other brands. Whether you are in the market for a jacket, t-shirt, or tote bag, ATTEMPT guarantees an item that is extremely complex in nature.


With an industrial, tech-infused catalog, this brand uses space, style, and functionality in ways that we’ve never seen before.



For instance, take a look at the garment shown above. Where else can you find a hoodie with a drop-pleated pouch such as that?


To top it off, this brand never sacrifices quality to capture their vision. While blending the past with the present, ATTEMPT has crafted a beautiful, flawless array of contemporary products.



To see some of what they’ve done in the past and to learn more about this brand, head over to their page immediately.



Published: August 5th, 2019 | Dalton Oium






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