“Badfriend” Ensures Extremely High Quality Garments Across Entire Collection


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Welcome back to Monday, hopefully everyone survived their Halloween-madness and is ready for the week ahead.


Here to start us off strong is “Badfriend”. The first thing that drew us to this brand is their ability to construct ‘clean’ garments. Whether you are looking for a shirt, hoodie, or jacket, the creatives at “Badfriend” ensure that individuals receive a product that is not only high in quality, but also aesthetic.


By taking a look at the photo shown above, it is clear that “Badfriend” places great emphasis on branding, placement, and presentation. In terms of a specific item that caught our eye, the teal jacket shown in the second photo above is one of them.


First off, this item highlights this brands ability to embroider. Due to the fact that the item has a zipper, “Badfriends” was forced to split their embroidery, which is an extremely difficult task to complete; especially with this high of quality. On top of that, the durability is evident. The heavy-blended fabric accompanied by the deep embroidery proves that this garment is both fashionable and functional. Not only will it impress your friends, it will keep you warm and protect you from all of the bad weather that is quickly approaching. Honestly, the amount of preparation and care that goes into producing these products is unbelievable.


“Badfriend” understands the importance of creating items with their supporters in mind and their products are direct results of such ethics. There’s a lot to learn from this brand!


Go to their page now and check out a bunch of their other products @badfriendltd