BARE KNUCKLES Exceed All Expectations With Collection Four


Includes An Alpaca Knit Cardigan And Primaloft Flannel

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BARE KNUCKLES have just released Collection Four.


Featuring a flannel jacket, knit cardigan, oversized crewneck, faded t-shirt, and various bottoms, this collection offers unique, yet casual items that are perfect for everyday wear.


Sticking with tradition, these hand-crafted products were constructed with quality in mind.


Take, for example, their Padded Flannel Jacket.


Padded Flannel Jacket

Price: $350 USD


With Primaloft® Gold Insulation, this jacket has a water resistant, breathable lining that allows for superior warmth without a puffy bulk.


On top of that, BARE KNUCKLES added a 1” side slit on the seams for added mobility and movement.


Oversized Crewneck – Lilac

Price: $185 USD


As with their Padded Flannel Jacket, all of the products in this release feature the same level of craftsmanship.


Top shop Collection Four in full, head to the BARE KNUCKLES website now.


Prices range from $95-$350 USD






Published: November 24th, 2019 | Dalton Oium



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