New York’s Own, “Barriers”, Emphasizes The Importance Of Large Graphics


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New York just got a whole lot more influential. In terms of fashion, New York is deeply rooted in the history, and future, of the industry.


“Barriers”, a brand with New York roots, attempts to find their position within such industry and uses their clothing as a way to do so. For us, the first thing that stood out was the fact that this brand isn’t afraid of constructing large graphics. Often times, and especially with newer brands, creatives tend to be more hesitant and unsure with their designs and, thus, end up creating minimal, yet safe, graphics.


With “Barriers”; however, the creatives take chances. They have full creative control and they share their desired message regardless of how large the graphic may be. Plus, many brands have shy’d away from crafting large designs which, honestly, helps “Barriers” stand out in a league of their own.


Another thing to point out is the fact that this brand doesn’t let their designs get in the way of their quality. With large graphics comes larger margins of error; however, when looking through the “Barriers” collection in its entirety, you notice absolutely no mistakes or misprints. If you are someone looking for the perfect shirt that will not only attract attention, but turn heads, then you should probably pay a visit to “Barriers”.


Looking for some take-away advise? Here’s our thoughts: Do as this brand does and find your own lane; don’t follow the guidelines of fashion, push them.

Oh, and one more thing, “Barriers”— thank you for staying true to your vision regardless of scale @barriersny