“Bastards of Young” Let Their Apparel Speak For Itself


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Photo Nov 20, 10 03 48 PM
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“Bastards of Young” is a clothing brand that isn’t afraid to take chances.


With every item they release they are constantly, and creatively, challenging themselves. Although we’ve been following their progression for a while now, the item that makes the biggest impression on us is the shirt shown in the photo above.


For one, an all-over print is extremely difficult to master…especially with this caliber of quality. Everything from the print to the choice of fabric is styled perfectly. Speaking of the fabric, this item was constructed using Satin… meaning the shirt is not only extremely durable, it’s also difficult to fade. For us, the shirt we’re referring to proves that “Bastards” is at the top of their game.


Secondly, and most importantly, this brand cares about fashion in it’s entirety. Far too often do we see brands that just want to make a quick buck from streetwear and, thus, produce nothing but t-shirts. Not “Bastards”, though; they’re different. Take a look at the last photo above to see for yourself.


See what we mean? This brand cares so much about their supporters that they even designed some socks for them. Those “Bastards of Young” socks, with the two black stripes, are the perfect ‘final touch’ many people are missing from their outfits.


This brand understands that fashion is more than just conventional apparel, and that type of mindset is what sets them apart from a majority of others. To be honest, we’re definitely in need of stepping up our sock wear game. Are you?

Head to their Instagram now and see what else interests you @bastards_