“Better Gift Shop” Is More Than Just A Gift Shop



“Better Gift Shop” first captured our interest through their vibrant approach to coding graphics.


Exuding a very ‘friendly’ aesthetic, the creatives at “Better” focus on ‘color’ as a way to characterize their products. To better understand our referencing, take a look at the photos above.


From their shirts to their accessories, this brand ensures a product that immediately grasps attention. Once done, “Better” uses color as a way to direct, and guide viewers throughout their products. A great example of such is shown in the first photo above.


Notice how you are instantly drawn to the glasses the individual is wearing. “Better” does this on purpose as it helps in understanding the graphic in it’s entirety. Once viewer’s direct their attention to the remainder of the graphic, and they encounter the words ‘Classes forming now! How to SEE better’, they instantly understand, and can acknowledge, the graphic as a whole.


By using color to attract viewers, and pairing that with text and images that build off each other, the creatives at “Better Gift Shop” have been able to offer products that enhance, and alter, the viewership experience.


This is the future of streetwear.


How can you use stylistics to change the way people experience your products?


To gain some well needed inspiration and see some insane products, follow the “Better Gift Shop” team today!