“Bittersweet”, A New-Zealand Brand



New Zealand stand up! “Bittersweet” is an Auckland-based brand that has been making waves right now.


Their fun, energetic approach to streetwear is reflective among their entire catalog, allowing their products to be liked by many. In case you are unfamiliar with “Bittersweet”, swipe through the photos above to see what this, ‘City of Sails’, brand has to offer.


As shown, the creatives at “Bittersweet” center themselves around unique, original graphics that range in degrees of complexity. Of such, a personal favorite of ours is shown in the first photo above.


Their ‘Illusion’ tee is not just a shirt; it speaks for the brand as a whole. First off, it proves their ability to challenge themselves. A majority of their products are typography-based logos, and although they differentiate them through design, none include imagery as complex, or colorful, as the psilocybin mushrooms shown above.


Secondly, the mushrooms perfectly represent this brand’s identity. If you’ve ever consumed psychedelic mushrooms, then you know what we mean. Although the taste is extremely ‘bitter’ and appalling, the journey you go through becomes life-changing and can turn into a pretty ‘sweet’ experience.


“Bittersweet’s” ability to challenge themselves, without having to sacrifice quality or originality, is a trait that we admire. If you are ever in New Zealand, you have to pull up on this brand.


To see more of what the “Bittersweet” team has been up to, head to their page now!