Inside The Mind Of A Youtube Fashion Expert


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Inside The Mind Of A Youtube Fashion Expert



Meet Bliss Foster, your fashion tutor.


When he isn’t preparing the latest video for his Youtube series, you can find him by a tea kettle, scouring the web, uncovering secrets to the world’s most renowned and illustrious runway shows.


Giving us a personal, inside look into his life, Bliss details the many factors that have shaped, and evolved, his channel. With three, jam-packed, seasons under his belt, he is ready to unveil Season Four.


-Bliss Foster



As far as a Youtube channel, not too many people give such an in-depth look into runway shows or shownotes. Your analysis of each, and the corresponding points you provide, highlight many aspects of a collection that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Do you remember what initially sparked your interest in runway shows?


“I’d always suspected that runway shows had more to them than cool clothes. When I finally started uncovering shownotes, they confirmed that the presentations are completely packed with hidden meanings.”



A-Cold-Wall Fall 2019 – Men’s Collection




Personally, I agree. I never realized the amount of depth that runway shows have, but thanks to your videos I’ve started to understand the complexity of it all. Your concise, informed approach makes it very easy to comprehend.

While watching your Gucci F/W 2018 Recap, you specifically mention that it took you two weeks to prepare for that video, researching over 100+ articles a day. Would you say that’s a pretty average assessment of your work or are there videos that require even more research?


“The Gucci video was a fucking monster to research, in the best way. Drawing from 90+ looks, their inspiration came from more sources than there were outfits. I even had to read a few pieces of philosophy to grapple with the shownotes. That video was by far the most research-intensive one yet.”


“Right now, I’m working on a series about Maison Martin Margiela’s early shows and those are proving to be much more work because of the scarcity of resources available. I would say, usually, a runway show video is simpler to research than the Gucci one.”


“A good example would be a show that sources material from a movie. I’ll watch the movie and screenshot every time a garment is on screen. Afterwards, I compare those screenshots with the looks from the show and develop my analysis. Sure, it’s time consuming, but at least it’s straight forward.”


“But Yeah, that Gucci show wrecked me.”



Gucci 2019 Fall/Winter Runway Collection




That’s incredible, only someone who is a high fashion fanatic would go to such extent. To be honest, your work ethic shines throughout everything you do. From reviews, to discussions, to wardrobe analysis, all of your content is packed with high quality, researched information.

What made you realize that this is the kind of content you wanted to share with the world?


“It’s funny, I didn’t even know I wanted to do this channel until I made a video for my parents. I was thanking them for a pair of pants I’d bought with some Christmas money. I figured they’d zone out if I tried to explain the awesomeness of the pants in person, so I said ‘here’s a thank you video’ and sent it their way. I knew that was one of the only ways they’d actually take in the information. Turns out I had a blast making it.”


“I even submitted it to the Facebook group High Fashion Talk, and one of the Mods messaged me and said he loved it and that I should make more. At first they were just really goofy videos with way less analysis. After a few weeks, my wife pointed out that this would be a good opportunity for me to apply cultural criticism/theory to fashion; something I’d wanted to do for years.”


 High Fashion Talk Podcast – Bliss Foster




I can’t imagine a more authentic way to start your path. It’s fascinating how one little thing can change the course of an entire life. Being a fan of your work, I look to you as a resource in expanding my knowledge and repertoire of high fashion. From your first video to your latest review, your content has made me appreciate fashion on a completely different level.

Besides me, who were you trying to reach with your channel?

Did you have a specific audience you intended to appeal to?


“Thank you for the kind words, that means a ton.”


“Ultimately, I’m trying to reach anyone who’s into fashion. I think everyone in this world suspects, and hopes, that there’s more to all of this than just ‘I want to look cute/cool’. I’m trying to change the tone of how fashion is discussed, all the way from trends to zeitgeist.”



Raf Simons Fall 2018 – Men’s Collection




Well, you’ve definitely changed the way I discuss fashion. So now that we’ve learned a little bit more about your channel, let’s talk about you; the creator. I would love to know what drew you to high fashion. With that, I would also like to touch on your education.

Do you find that your degree in Literature translates well into the work you are currently doing?


“My interest in high fashion was sparked by seeing Kanye West wearing a Givenchy kilt in one of the Watch the Throne videos. I looked the brand up and the prices seemed crazy. I wanted to know what made them so high. I spent the whole day traveling around, looking at the clothes in person; I remember the experience being very formative for me. I never realized there could be so much complexity to the cut and feel of the clothes.”


“As for my degree, it was a big part of why I took such an analytical approach to fashion. When you’re studying literature you’re not just learning about how to understand novels, you’re learning how to read the whole world like it’s a written text. Without the skill I learned from school, I don’t think I could do what I’m currently doing.”



Kanye West – Leather Givenchy Kilt




Your educational background definitely stands out in your commitment to the research you do. In terms of getting an actual feel for the clothes, I think it’s imperative to go out and experience them in person. You learn so much by touching the materials and seeing how the textiles work.

For viewers who stumble upon your channel, or are looking for a journey into fashion, what designer/brand would you recommend to them?

Who is Bliss Foster’s, all-time, favorite designer?


“In my opinion, Maison Martin Margiela produced some incredible things from 1989-2003. There’s a lot of information, and mystery, surrounding that body of work.”


“For indie brands, I’m really interested to see where Hamcus goes. They’re building a Sci-Fi storyline through their collections: like an actual Sci-Fi story with characters and chapters and all that stuff. It’s a wildy cool idea.”



HAMCUS Fall/Winter 2018 Collection




I guess you really can read a collection like written text.

Okay, last but not least, what exactly do you have lined up for Season 4?

You mentioned Maison Martin Margiela earlier, but what else will you be covering?


“Yeah, we’ll be working on a series about Margiela’s work: one episode for each of his runway shows. It’s going to be perfect for those who want to dive deep into his work.”


“We’ll also be looking at Iris Van Herpen, Craig Green, Pyer Moss, Sacai, and tons more. I can’t wait to get started.”



Maison Martin Margiela Spring 2019 – Men’s Collection




That’s such a good lineup!

Hey Bliss, I’ve been dying to know:

With how much you enjoy fashion, have you ever considered designing your own clothes?


“It took me a long time to figure out that I’m not the artist. I’m proud to be a critic.”




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Published: Sept. 16th, 2019 | Daniella Nagaytsev





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