“Born x Raised” Had The Biggest Year Of Any Brand



“Born x Raised” had one of the biggest years of any streetwear brand in 2018.


Spanning collaborations from @424inc to @babylon.la , this brand was able to secure themselves a position at the forefront of streetwear fashion. Plus, judging from the photos above, they clearly deserve it.


As you can tell, the creatives at “Born x Raised” stay true to their ‘bread and butter’ Gothic-stylistics, while still finding innovative ways to build and display graphics. In terms of our favorite item, the shirt shown in the first photo above makes the biggest impression.


The first thing that stands out to us is their use of over-branding. Over-branding is a stylistic that has exploded as of recently. In the past, brands centered around ‘clean’ and minimalist graphics that portrayed a very ‘professional’ aesthetic to the garments they were creating. Instead, streetwear has transitioned to more complexity, and thus, brands have started to create more chaotic graphics in an attempt to capture a more defiant demeanor among their collection.


With that said, the image shown above is a perfect example of such. Not only did “Born x Raised” print multiple graphics in a bold, outwardly fashion, they also placed the images in non-conventional areas; ultimately allowing their product to exude a very ‘street’-like aesthetic.


All in all, this brand’s ability to grow and remain relevant within the ever-changing world of streetwear fashion is an invaluable aspect they present.


Honestly, we can’t wait to see what they bring to the table this year. If it’s anything like we’ve seen, we’re all in for an exciting year.


To see more of what “Born x Raised” has produced, head to their page now!