South Central’s, “Bricks & Wood”, Humanize Streetwear



“Bricks & Wood” is a brand based out of South Central that uses fashion as a way to capture the culture around them.


When we saw that they’d be at Agenda, we instantly knew we had to link with them. From looking at their booth, you quickly understand this brand is extremely passionate about their craft. Not only did their exhibit house some of their more ‘bread & butter’ products, it also portrayed their photography, which depicted various portraits of individuals within their community.


Titled ‘W/ Love’, the “Bricks & Wood” display was one of the only booths that created a ‘humanistic’ vibe, ultimately allowing for a more personal and relatable experience. In terms of their apparel, the quality is unmatched. Flip through some of the photos above and see for yourself.


Did you catch those beanies? Not only are they fashionable, they are crafted with a heavy knit, meaning that they will not only keep you warm, but last forever. Such durability is evident among all of the “Bricks & Wood” products.


Even their shirts, such as their ‘Support Your Homies’ collab with “URLA” are printed on heavy-blended fabric. This brand takes absolutely no shortcuts. They craft their products with you in mind and they don’t accept anything less than perfect.


A product from “Bricks & Wood” is a product that won’t disappoint.


Kacey, it was nice catching up with you at Agenda.


Until next time.