BRIGADE Acknowledges Environmental Accountability In Fall ’19 Drop 1


Available In Full: Friday, November 22nd @ 9AM PST


BRIGADE will be releasing their Fall ‘19 Drop 1 tomorrow, November 22nd.


With the environment in mind, BRIGADE uses this collection to explore unique ways at maximizing product utility while reducing their overall carbon footprint.


Founder, Aaron Maldonado describes this approach as:


“A more functional direction, while [also] being more conscientious of quality”


In fact, such functionality is evident in their designs. Take, for example, their Volcano Jacket/Vest.




By implementing a detachable hood and sleeves, this jacket easily transforms into a durable, lightweight vest that can be worn throughout the year.


A similar approach is shown through their Convertible Hiking Pants.


Convertible Hiking Pants

Price: $112


With zip-off legs and a built-in adjustable belt, these bottoms exceed a Fall/Winter collection as they are perfect for the summer as well.


By creating multi-functional garments, BRIGADE takes a stance against overproduction and proves their commitment to reducing waste.


Although their functional products are a highlight of this drop, don’t let them overshadow the rest of this collection.


Photo Nov 21, 9 42 14 AM
Photo Nov 21, 9 42 28 AM
Photo Nov 21, 9 42 39 AM
Photo Nov 21, 9 42 54 AM
Photo Nov 21, 9 43 17 AM
Photo Nov 21, 9 43 44 AM
Photo Nov 21, 9 43 07 AM
Photo Nov 21, 9 43 58 AM

BRIGADE Fall ’19 Drop 1 Lookbook

Photography: Nikolas Ray



On top of their Volcano Jacket/Vest and Convertible Hiking Pants, you will find a Heavyweight Simple Logo Hoodie, Star Logo Sweatpants, an Eternity L/S T-shirt, two graphic tees, and a Script Logo Beanie.


Fall ’19 Drop 1 Collection


Brigade’s Fall ‘19 Drop 1 will be available through their website on November 22nd at 9AM PST.


Prices range from $32-$192 USD






Published: November 21st, 2019 | Dalton Oium



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