How BRIGADE’s Winter ‘20 Captures Cerebral Experience


“I Can Feel It. I Can Feel It. My Mind Is Going”



BRIGADE has just unveiled their highly anticipated Winter ‘20 collection.


The lookbook, modeled by Poster Boy and captured by Nikolas Ray, is cast in a dark setting where an eerie spotlight illuminates the products; revealing a transcendental experience that rings true throughout the entire collection.


Founder, Aaron Maldonado, describes his mindset while crafting this collection as being “consumed by matters such as existentialism, machine learning, and collective consciousness”, much of which is included in the designs.


Sherpa Fleece Space Jacket

Price: $172 USD


Tackling spiritualism, transcendence, space exploration, and theoretical physics, BRIGADE’s Winter ‘20 is a deep analysis of the relationship between man and machine.


Adding futurism, BRIGADE also enlists Jeff Feltham for a series of original designs that are featured on various sweaters, long sleeves, scarves, socks, and accessories throughout.


Laser Logo Heavyweight Crewneck Sweater

Price: $86 USD


Releasing on March 6th, BRIGADE’s Winter ‘20 collection is a defining moment for this brand as they delved into the depths of the mind and emerged with metamorphic transformations.


Prices range from $16-$172 USD


WHEN: March 6th @ 9AM PST






Published: March 4th, 2020 | Dalton Oium



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