BROKEN PERFECTION’s ‘To Be Misunderstood’ Is A Beautiful Display Of Mental Health

A Walk Through Personal Change & Psychodiagnostics



BROKEN PERFECTION rings in the New Year with the delivery of their Fall/Winter ‘19 collection.


Titled ‘To Be Misunderstood’, this collection is one of the most impressive we’ve seen all season.



Drawing awareness to mental illness, BROKEN PERFECTION offers several products that stress the importance of improving one’s health through a change of mindset.


With a heavy, sublimation influence many of these products are able to capture complex ideas through vibrant, concise imagery.



Items such as their ‘Head In The Clouds’ button up and ‘Mental Understanding’ pants are the perfect use of such technique.


Even their more simple garments are extremely powerful.



Whether they are encouraging you to take a mental vacation or promoting the idea that your mental health comes first, this collection is packed with brilliant, meaningful messages.


WHEN: December 28th @ 8AM PST





Published: December 27th, 2019 | Dalton Oium



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