“Broken Promises” Break Through With Unique Collection


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“Broken Promises” is a brand that should definitely be on your radar.


Their products, which exude copious amounts of originality, are a direct representation of their skill set. Plus, they do way more than just screenprinting; they produce everything from cut & sew products to homegoods. In fact, this brand’s diversity among their collection is what separates them from the competition.


One product that we really enjoy is the striped-shirt above. In terms of such item, the most important thing to point out is how unique it is. Honestly, us at Groundead have seen tons of products from well over a hundred brands, but we have yet to see a striped-shirt attached to such collar.


The lime-green neckline perfectly accents the black and white fabric, which in turn, causes the product to reflect a very Punk-like vibe. On top of that, the branding of the graphics is perfect.


By breaking the horizontal symmetry, and placing a logo overtop of the stripes, “Broken Promises” can abruptly, yet securely, capture viewer attention. If we’re telling the truth, this must be one of the best striped-shirts we’ve seen this year; it’s a true work of art.


Speaking of facts, this brand’s entire collection is pushing fashion forward.

If you haven’t already, make sure you go to their Instagram page and see more of what they have to offer.