“BRONZE56K”, When Skate Meets Street



Skateboarding is not a crime…and neither is streetwear.



“BRONZE56K”, When Skate Meets Street



Streetwear and skateboarding go hand-in-hand. In fact, it’s arguably stated that without skateboarding, streetwear wouldn’t exist, or thrive, as it does today.


Here to finish our week off strong is “BRONZE56k”, a street and skate collective that has been making waves lately.


If this is your first time hearing of this brand, swipe through the photos above to see why they should be on your radar.


As you can tell, “BRONZE56K” excels at crafting unique, colorful designs that build off street cultures across the world. In terms of a specific item that stood out the most to us, their ‘Neversoft’-inspired design shown in the first photo above is one of our favorites.


For one, this logo reminds us of our childhood, in which Tony Hawk Pro Skate was played almost every single day. Speaking of such reminiscence, the power behind this design is it’s ability to evoke nostalgia.


Simply stated, nothing feels better than wearing an article of clothing you are attached to.


On top of that, the color-capture in this print is phenomenal. Being able to print such gradient, while still maintaining high quality of hue, proves that this brand can tackle any graphic thrown their way.


In terms of their products as a whole, you can’t find anything like “BRONZE56K”. The design, quality, and durability of their products is unmatched.


We can’t wait to see what this brand brings to the table next.


To learn more about “BRONZE56K”, head to their page now!


Published: May 6th, 2019 | Dalton Oium






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