“Buried Alive”, Tapping In From Korea


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Korea, what’s up?! “Buried Alive” is a Seoul-based collective that understands streetwear to the fullest. For such an underground brand, their collection matches in quality to that of big box suppliers.


As you can tell, not only is their vision dialed, their execution is flawless. Our absolute favorite is their matching hoodie and sweatpants shown in the image above. For one, it is unlike anything we have seen from any other brand. With that said, not only are these items unique, the checkered-pattern is guaranteed to grasp attention, raise curiosity, and create an unforgettable viewing experience.


Along with the design, the seamless transition between various sections of the fabric are a great example of how serious this brand takes quality control. By delivering an outfit with such complexity, and doing so in perfect quality, “Buried Alive” proves that they can tackle any task thrown their way.


As with the outfit we just mentioned, all of the “Buried Alive” products follow similar stylistic-expertise and quality-assurance. The creatives at this brand understand what it takes to separate themselves from the herd and push new, creative boundaries with everything they release.


Hopefully you enjoy this brand as much as we do. If you ever find yourself in Korea you have to promise that you’ll pay them a visit!

From our little universe to yours @buriedalive_brand