“Can’t Buy Respect”, An Authentic Approach To Streetwear



They say you’re not rich until you have something money can’t buy.


“Can’t Buy Respect” is a brand that understands the importance of finding value in others. If this is your first time hearing about this brand, please pay them the respect they deserve and flip through the photos shown above.


As you can tell, this isn’t their first rodeo. No matter what they produce, “CBR” guarantees a product that is crafted with care.


Did any of those items catch your eye? For us, their ‘March Madness’, UCLA, shirt stood out the most.


The first thing that struck us was how well the graphic was designed. To commemorate their attendance at L.A. Men’s Market, the creatives at “CBR” delivered an item that perfectly captures such experience.


Plus, to top it off, they even included an ode to March Madness; representing both the date of LAMENS, and, the college basketball tournament.


Lastly, we thoroughly enjoy the use of their exposed tags. By sewing a tag on the lower torso of their garments, “Can’t Buy Respect” gives their products a more ‘authentic’ feel, which in turn, highlights the small, underground aesthetic this brand carries.


As with the shirt we just mentioned, the entire “CBR” lineup is just as impressive.


Honestly, next time we’re in L.A. we’re tapping in!


To see more of what the “Can’t Buy Respect” team has been up to, head to their page now.