“Carton”, Hazard! Hazard! Hazard!



“Carton” was another brand that surprised us at Agenda. If you hadn’t heard of them prior to the event, they made sure you knew of them afterwards.


Their booth was a wonderful display of chaos. From the industrial displays to the hazardous backdrop, the creatives at “Carton” perfectly represented their ‘Hazmat’ collection. In fact, each display throughout their booth helped reveal their products to buyers which, ultimately, allowed for an immersive, yet informational experience.


In terms of their products as a whole, this brand ensures items that are extremely high in quality and design. Take a moment to flip through the photos above and see for yourself. Did any of those items catch your eye? For us, their ‘clear’ jacket made the biggest impression.


For one, the graphics are extremely complex. By printing such a unique graphic, “Carton” was able to highlight their creativity while also using it as a way to draw viewer interest. More often than not, brand’s tend to shy away from their creativity in hopes of reaching a broader audience, but not “Carton”. On top of that, the clear shell is a great way to allow layers without diminishing the other garments within the outfit.


Ever want to wear a new shirt, but it’s too cold? That’s fine, go grab this “Carton” jacket and you’ll still be able to show it off. That is how well this brand designs their products.


Their vision is set and their versatility is evident. There’s nothing this brand can’t do. We’re eager to see what they drop next.


“Carton”, it was great catching up with you guys last week.


Here’s to more success.