“Codered”, The Outerwear Experts From Russia

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Russia stand up! “Codered”, a Moscow-based collective, has one of the best collections we’ve seen from that part of the world.


Although you may not understand the dialect, the quality of their apparel speaks numbers. As you can see, “Codered” takes absolutely no shortcuts. Everything from the fabric to the placement of their graphics is chosen with knowledge and care.


In terms of a specific product, our number one choice is their beanie shown in the photo above.


The first thing to point out is the fact that this brand decided to use a ribbed silhouette. By doing so, “Codered” is able to give their design a sense of ‘depth’, and thus, provide an attribute that is seldom present in other headwear.


Along with choosing the perfect base to build upon, this brand also implemented a perfect color-scheme for their patches. As shown, the vibrancy between the red and the green design is essential to grasping viewer attention. In fact, it works so well that viewers are instantly drawn to the graphics; which is exactly what you want as a designer. To be honest, this beanie is one of the best pieces of headwear we’ve seen in a while.


In terms of their other products, you can expect items that are high in quality and functionality. Plus, if you need a jacket then this brand should be your first stop. Literally nothing can beat a piece of “Codered” outerwear.


Want to see more?

There’s a whole bunch of other dope products on their page at @codered_store