Stay “Cozy” This Winter And Check Out This Insane Fall Collection!

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Photo Nov 20, 10 04 01 PM
Photo Nov 20, 10 04 04 PM

“Cozy” is a brand that has been on our radar for a while now; however, we were waiting to feature them until they released their new collection. In fact, some of their Fall 2018 items are shown above, and as you can tell, their products are absolutely insane.


By far, our favorite item dropping in their Fall ‘18 collection is the hoodie shown in the photo above. For one, by simply looking at the item you can judge the quality. The heavy-blended fabric, accompanied by the boldly-printed graphic, allows this product to exude a sense of durability and longevity.


Secondly, and overall, it’s complex. This graphic not only contains many layers, but also a wide variety of colors, fonts, and images, all of which are extremely difficult to execute on fabric. Lastly, this brand understands the importance of layout and placement, and uses such techniques to direct viewer attention.


For example, viewers are instantly drawn to the image of the woman. Knowing this, the creatives at “Cozy” built the rest of the graphic around that subject and, thus, used the woman as a focal point for portraying the rest of their ideas. By doing so, this brand was able to play off the ‘flow’ of their graphic and, ultimately, allow for improved viewer interactions and a more visually-aesthetic item.


All in all, the “Cozy” Fall 2018 collection has us intrigued! We cannot wait to see what else will drop in the near future.


To view more and to see their collection in it’s entirety, head over to @cozy now!

You don’t want to sleep on this brand.