“Crawling Death”, Australia’s Demon-Inspired Collective


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“Crawling Death” is an Australia-based streetwear company that offers worldwide shipping on all of their products. There’s literally no excuse why you can’t support them. Plus, based off their apparel, we’d be surprised if you didn’t.


As you can see, their products are based off inspirations from ‘death’ and include imagery reflective of that style. Insomuch, their graphics portray demon-like characteristics, which are a direct result of this brand’s identity. Take a look at the photo above and allow us to explain.


As you can see, there are clearly various levels of ‘darkness’ within this graphic. The first, and most obvious, example is the demonic hand. By portraying the imagery in such a realistic-tone, “Crawling Death” is able to evoke a deeper, more meaningful, response from viewers. Had this brand printed the hand in a cartoon-like style, viewers wouldn’t be able to relate to it as much, as such realism makes us reflect upon all of the scary movies we’ve seen and all of the nightmares we’ve had.


Secondly, placing an ‘8 ball’ in the hand of the creature was a powerful move by the creatives at “Crawling Death”. Ever since we can remember, ‘8 balls’ have been used to signify the ‘end’ (as in the end of a billiards game). And since death is the end of life as we know it, the ‘8 ball’ in this graphic could easily signify death as well.


So, to tie it all together it, the hand signifies the demon “Crawling” out of your closet at night and the ‘8 ball’ signifies the end; therefore, “Death”. Put together you get “Crawling Death”. All in all, this graphic is a phenomenal way to portray this brand’s identity. The idea, imagery, and execution is flawless.


Big ups to the creatives at “Crawling Death”. Honestly, this brand is just as technical with everything they produce.


To see more go to their page now!