London-Based, “Crowd”, Balances Minimalism With Complexity



If you haven’t been to London, you need to visit ASAP; their streetwear scene is insane right now!


“Crowd” is a London-based streetwear collective founded by the insanely creative, Tom Austin. The first thing that drew us towards this brand was their relentless approach to building graphics. The creatives at “Crowd” stop for nothing when it comes to capturing their vision. Whether they use a large graphic or employ a more minimalist approach, this brand ensures that their products portray messages in a clean and concise manner.


Speaking of a product with a large and complex graphic, take a look at the first image above. Notice how they didn’t shy away from the color-scheme. Instead, “Crowd” acknowledges the colors within the image and, thus, reflect similar tones while coding their typography. By doing so, this brand allows their graphic to appear more ‘wholesome’ and appealing to viewers.


In terms of a product that reflects minimalism, the fifth photo above features their “C” sweater, which is a great example of such stylistics. Notice how ‘clean’ this product is. The soft grey is perfectly matched by the navy blue embroidery; allowing this item to be worn with any outfit. Such is the power of this brand. Their ability to balance complexity with minimalism is fascinating.


Whether you are looking for a product that will grasp viewer attention, or a product that will tone down your outfit, “Crowd” is where you should be shopping. Not from London? That’s fine, they offer worldwide shipping. There is literally no excuse to not support this brand.


Head to the “Crowd” page now and pay them a well deserved visit!