“Deadstore” Customizes Apparel With Chaos-Infused Drawings


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Streetwear is experiencing a boom right now! So exciting! Since starting this page, we’ve seen some of the craziest designs and collaborations appear. But, of everything we’ve seen, nothing speaks more true to the core of streetwear than handmade, customized apparel. After all, it is ‘streetwear’ in its most raw form. Plus, us at Groundead are committed to shoving as much streetwear down your throats as humanly possible.


So, with that said, allow us to introduce your next favorite brand “Deadstore”. “Deadstore”, the brainchild of the amazing @tata70s, centers itself around ‘dark’, hand-painted graphics that reflect various levels of attitude and chaos. No matter what mood you are in, by taking a look at the “Deadstore” collection, you are guaranteed to find a product that reflects your current mindset. In fact, this brands ability to target emotion is exactly what has allowed them to find success.


Another important aspect to point out is the fact that this brand makes clothing for both men and women. More often than not, brands solely focus on their male followers and, thus, completely neglect the untapped market of their female supporters. Honestly, streetwear as a whole needs to reevaluate its approach and attitude toward women’s apparel; because without them none of us would be here.


Are you reading this and thinking: “Damn, they’re talking about me.”? Good, then here’s your chance; head over to the “Deadstore” Instagram page, flip through their photos, and find something dope to purchase.


By doing so you are not only supporting an underground, individually-ran collective, but also supporting a wonderful, talented, female designer at the same time.

Now get off our page and click on this @dead__store