UK-Based, “Dirty South”, Creates Very Own ‘Mugshot’ Collection


Photo Nov 20, 10 08 45 PM
Photo Nov 20, 10 08 48 PM

“Dirty South” is a UK-based collective that, through unconventional branding and placement, has been able to secure their spot within the streetwear industry.


The strongest aspect of this brand is their ability to produce clothes that captivate an audience. By placing graphics and typography in obscure and unique places, “Dirty South” is able to ensure that their items are not only seen, but remembered.


As you can tell, their items are unlike anything you’ve seen before. In terms of a product that especially caught our attention, take a look at the shirt in the photo above.


For more reasons than one, this product is a great representation of this brand’s skill set and expertise. For instance, it highlights their ability to cut & sew. By combining multiple fabrics and patterns, “Dirty South” was able to create an entirely new garment that is inherent to their brand, and their brand only.


Secondly, it proves that “Dirty South” understands, and knows how to utilize, a wide variety of branding styles. The technique shown above is referred to as a ‘heat transfer’, and although it is a fairly common and easy approach, it is definitely a skill every designer should master.


All in all, this brands strive to separate themselves from others has allowed them to attack a design in any way they’re compelled to. Such openness towards design is the driving force behind this brands success.


To learn more about “Dirty South”, and to see what they’ve been up to lately, head to their page now! @dirtysouthclo