Disrupting Nirvana, Turning Ideas Into Butterflies



“Dive into the deepest parts of yourself and reflect them through what you wear” – Brennan Vogal



Disrupting Nirvana, Turning Ideas Into Butterflies



There’s a saying from the one of the greatest bands in the world that goes:


“Once in a while you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at right”


Disrupting Nirvana is one of those lights; where once you’ve seen it, it’s impossible to ignore.


Disrupting Nirvana, Turning Ideas Into Butterflies


A brainchild of Brennan Vogel, Disrupting Nirvana focuses on crafting one-of-one pieces that help individuals express their creativity in ways unlike any other brand. With graphics silhouetted against vibrant arrays of tie-dye, products from Disrupting Nirvana are intended to grow your curiosity and, ultimately, help “caterpillars become butterflies”.


Disrupting Nirvana, Turning Ideas Into Butterflies


In case this is your first time hearing about this brand, flip through the photos we have featured above to gain a better understanding of what we’re referring to.


As you can tell, this brand offers a huge array of resourced and re-purposed products; giving new life to otherwise forgotten items. One of our absolute favorites is the sweater vest pictured in the first photo above. With powerful branding, reminding people—‘Don’t Wait: There’s No Moment Like The Present’, this product has the potential to change someone’s life, forever.


In fact, such is the power behind every product from Disrupting Nirvana. By encouraging people to step out of their comfort zone and embrace the unknown, Brennan is changing the world one item at a time.


Disrupting Nirvana, Turning Ideas Into Butterflies


On behalf of Groundead, we proudly introduce Disrupting Nirvana.


To learn more about them, and to see some of what they’ve done in the past, head to their page now!



Published: July 5th, 2019 | Dalton Oium








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