Keep Warm With Divinities Winter 2019

A Collection Infused With Heavyweight Garments



Divinities has just released their Winter 2019 collection.


Covering the basics, this capsule offers a wide variety of cold weather essentials such as 14oz heavyweight hoodies and a sherpa fleece jacket.



Accompanying their outerwear are various graphic t-shirts and longsleeves, some of which draw inspiration from album art.


As seen through their Deltron 3030 reinterpretation, Divinities rips the hip hop trio’s cover and designs their own Divinities 3030 version.


Although this collection is filled with extremely unique garments, their sterling silver Championship Ring is in it’s own league.




Featuring studded synthetic stones with enameled and embossed logos, this ring is one of the most highly crafted items that they’ve released thus far.



To learn more about these products and to shop this collection in full, head to Divinities’ website now!


Prices range from $34-$600 USD





Published: December 13th, 2019 | Dalton Oium



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