French-Based “Drôle de Monsieur” is Not From Paris Madame



Hopefully everyone is enjoying their Holidays.


Allow us to step away from streetwear in it’s traditional sense and showcase a brand that focuses on a more contemporary aesthetic.


Here to start us off fresh is “Drôle de Monsieur”. If they are not already, this fashion house definitely needs to be on your radar. A quick glance at the photos above is enough to see that they mean business. All of their products are professionally made using the finest quality material available. Everything from Polar-lined jackets to American-fleece embroidered hoodies exist within their collection. In terms of a specific product, our absolute favorite is the jacket shown in the first photo above.


Their ‘Not From Paris Madame’ jackets are a phenomenal staple among their products. The bold, yet vibrant typography easily captures viewer’s interest and adds an ‘edgy’ stylistic that is often lost in contemporary fashion. On top of the jacket, “Drôle de Monsieur” included their ‘NFPM’ quote on other products including hoodies and hats.


The creatives at “Drôle de Monsieur” clearly understand fashion. Their approach to building products is precise, their quality is unmatched, and their individuality is keen.


We can’t wait to see what they release next!


To learn more about this brand and see their collection in it’s entirety, head to their page immediately!