“Dumbgood”, Film Meets Fashion



Even a booth that housed absolutely no products was a hit at Agenda.


“Dumbgood” is the brand behind the snack-inspired display shown above. For us, we really enjoyed the fact that they brought a sense of ‘fun’ to the show. Their booth was enjoyable to those in attendance because it not only broke the pattern of apparel, but also introduced color, which allowed for a more ‘inviting’ experience.


Plus, who doesn’t love Pockys?


In terms of their apparel, their approach is just as exciting. Take a moment to flip through the photos above and see for yourself.


For us, we love the fact that this brand re-purposes graphics from films of all genres. A great example of such is their ‘Shining’ shirt shown in the second photo above.


Based off the 1980 cult classic, ‘The Shining’, this shirt pictures the ‘Grady Daughters’ in one of the more infamous scenes within the movie. By printing images from films that people inherently remember, the creatives at “Dumbgood” are offering products that their supporters can attach to. Such is the power of this brand.


Their ability to create lasting relationships within their community is unmatched. “Dumbgood”, it was nice chatting with you guys this past weekend.


To see more of what the “Dumbgood” family is up to, head to their page now!