“Dungeon” Draws Inspirations From The Underworld


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If you are looking for dark, underworld-inspired graphics then we’ve found exactly what you need.


Here’s “Dungeon”, your next favorite brand. The first thing that stood out to us in terms of their products is their imagery. As shown in the photo above, in reference to their “Pumpkin Master” tee, this brand doesn’t just slap a random image on a shirt and call it good. In fact, the graphics they build are extremely technical and intricate.


Speaking of said graphic, notice how they changed the wire-frame globe to represent a more ‘Halloween’-like approach. Since this product was part of their Halloween collection, such small, yet impacting change ultimately tied their entire graphic together.


Also, we really enjoy the additional print on the sleeve. Placing a graphic along the sleeve of a garment is a great way to use movement, and motion, to catch viewer attention. On top of that, they replaced the ‘o’ in dungeon with their own dungeon logo, which is such a dope, little touch.


Another thing that stands out in terms of this brand is their strive to create more than just shirts. The creatives at “Dungeon” like to envelope streetwear in its entirety and, thus, produce everything from apparel, to handbags, to headwear. No matter what you have in mind, “Dungeon” has something for you.


To see their full collection, head to their page at @dungeongateway