“Elhaus”, Jakarta’s House Of Technicality



Indonesia has been absolutely killing it.


The streetwear scene out there is thriving more than ever, resulting in brands stepping up their game and producing some of the best collections we’ve seen as of late. Here to add to the list of brands from Indonesia is “Elhaus”.


For those of you who are unfamiliar with this collective, swipe through the photos above to check out some of their best products.


As you can tell, this brand differentiates themselves by crafting unique, aesthetically-driven items that are both functional and beautiful. Whether it’s a vest, jacket, or coverall, the creatives behind “Elhaus” ensure that their product is equipped with various pouches, pockets, and straps, allowing their items to be utilized across various lifestyles.


In fact, by adding to a product, “Elhaus” is, ultimately, improving upon the original silhouette; something most brands neglect to do.


Even with their more common prints, such as their items that lack technicality, this brand ensure their products are unlike anything around. Everything from their choice of fabric to their attachments are chosen with care.


A product from “Elhaus” is a product that will improve your day-to-day life. Plus, with such durability, these items last forever.


Honestly, if you live anywhere near Jakarta, we highly recommend you pay them a visit.


“Elhaus”, thank you for blowing our minds.