“Erased” Sets A Whole New Precedent For Streetwear

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An interesting way to look at streetwear is to see how it affects the entire spectrum of fashion. Streetwear is major influence as it is constantly changing, molding, and erasing fashion norms.


“Erased” is a brand that proves streetwear has such power. As you can tell, the creatives at “Erased” focus on crafting quality garments that can be worn with various outfits. In specific, the photo above highlights this brands skill set and potential.


Speaking of such image, take a look at the shirt the model is wearing. The first thing to note is the use of symbols within the graphic. By using symbolic images that reflect the term ‘Worldwide Syndicate’, “Erased” is able to tie their graphic together and, in turn, make it appear more wholesome.


Also, a minimal yet crucial detail to point out is the fact that the character within the graphic is also wearing an “Erased” shirt. Although small, such detail should not be overlooked as it proves that this brand focuses on, and cares about, the little things.


Lastly, and most importantly, check out the lining of the jacket. Printing on a jacket is one thing, but replacing the inside lining with an all-over print of your brand’s logo is a whole different story. It doesn’t just look dope; it proves that this brand can tackle their vision regardless of how extraordinary it may be.


Honestly, we’re stoked to have stumbled across “Erased”.

To learn more about them just click on this @erasedxproject