“Euphoric Supply” Creates One of Kind Figurines


Happy Monday! Hopefully everyone had a fantastic weekend. Here to start us of strong is “Euphoric Supply”.


This collective, started by Julian Armstrong, is one of the most unique brands we’ve stumbled upon. They create everything from apparel, art, and toys; therefore, today we are going to be focusing on their figurines. As shown above, the toys coming from “Euphoric Supply” are extremely professional. With topics ranging from your favorite rappers to your favorite TV shows, this brand offers items suitable for everyone.


Our personal favorite is the “Billie’s Tears” figurine shown in the photo above. Everything from the design, scale, backdrop, and packaging was executed perfectly. Plus, Billie just released her video for ‘when the party’s over’ on October 25th. When was this product released? November 3rd. By taking an item from inception to completion in such short time period, it proves that “Euphoric Supply” works extremely hard to remain relevant.


Such relevance is what helps this collective remain a topic of discussion.

Honestly, have a look at all the photos above. They are each extremely unique in their own way.


Us at Groundead cannot wait to see “Euphoric Supply” blossom. They deserve all the recognition they’ve been getting and more! Julian, you’re a pure genius.


Thanks for bringing your ideas to life.

To check out more go to @euphoricsupply