How “Evil Bone” Air-Brushes Their Way Through Streetwear


Photo Nov 20, 10 10 25 PM
Photo Nov 20, 10 10 27 PM

In terms of progression, this year has been extremely exciting for the streetwear industry.


Since starting this page, we’ve seen everything from destroyed garments to customized, one-of-one, items find a breakthrough. However, of all the fascinating things we’ve seen, the most exciting might be the reemergence of the air brush.


What peaked as an apparel customization tool in the early 2000’s, air brushing has since found its way back into the world of fashion; all thanks to creatives such as “Evil Bone”. If you are unfamiliar with air brushing, take a quick look at the photos above to gain a better understanding. As you can see, this technique is one of the most raw, free-flowing forms of art around. Such free range of motion allows artists such as “Evil Bone” to represent their ideas in the most ‘true’ and unique way possible. In terms of a specific item from “Evil Bone”, our absolute favorite is the ‘Fuck Em’ hoodie portrayed in the placement photo above.


For one, it is important to point out the quality of air brushing. Showing very minimal signs of over-spray, the air-brushed face highlights this brands ability to control their design. Often times, when brands attempt to air brush, they are left with blurred lines and thin ink…but not “Evil Bone”. “Evil Bone” commits fully to their vision and, thus, are not hesitant throughout the creation process.


Another aspect of this hoodie that we enjoy is the fact that it represents a combination of screen-printed and air-brushed designs. By combining both techniques on a single piece of apparel, “Evil Bone” is able to help their hoodie capture both a personal, and professional, aesthetic. It is literally the best of both worlds.


If you are looking to dabble in the air brush game, “Evil Bone” is where you need to look for inspiration and insight. “Evil Bone”, on behalf of Groundead, we thank you for sharing your amazing artwork.


And remember, keep on rocking in the Free World doot doola doot doo… @evilbone91