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A Look Inside The EVILBONE x Akira ‘1-of-1’ Collection

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A new collection from Seattle-based artist EVILBONE will be releasing on Wednesday, December 25th.


Featuring airbrushed imagery inspired by the legendary manga and anime series Akira, this collection offers a handful of custom, fan-favorite products.



By capturing iconic imagery and putting his own artistic spin onto every piece, Jesse Martinez has created an Akira gallery-like collection.


Each garment in the capsule is wildly different, not just in terms of color and illustration, but in the style of each garment as well.



Found in this release are jeans, bomber jackets, a ski suit, hoodies (cropped, full length, and full zip), and a trench coat—some of which is adorned with chains and other unique accessories.



Fans of Akira and 1-of-1 clothing should keep their eye on this collection and act fast.


There is only one of each piece available.


To see more of what EVILBONE has done in the past, head to their website.





Published: December 24th, 2019 | Max Lynn



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